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Creative Cover Designs For Every Writing Genre Out There

Make your books stand out with innovative and enthralling book covers that perfectly match the running theme of each book.

Expert Designers

Get your book covers designed by highly experienced graphic designers for an impressive outer appearance that’s very easily marketable.

Genre-Specific Covers

Give people a good insight into your books through creative book covers designed according to each book’s storyline and genre.

Designs Of All Types

From illustrated designs to photographic ones, or a combination of both, showcase your books with all kinds of personalized cover designs.

Customized Typography

Get suitable typography of the titles of your book, your name, and other details, as per the central theme of your book.

Captivating Visual Content For Your Books

Already have a finished book but not a great cover? We know that feeling. So, along with our writing services, we also offer attractive book cover designs that make readers curious about your book. Our designs compel avid book readers to want to buy your book at first glance.

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Captivating Book Covers To Attract Reader by Ghostwriting

At Ghostwriting, we offer the most thought-provoking book covers that make people curious about your stories and compel them to buy your books. Our designers have the expertise for designing covers for readers of all genres, ranging from children’s books to thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, and so on.

Ghostwriting assists your growth by offering premium book covers that fit your spending limit. The designs we provide give your books a distinct appearance to help them look apart among others in both physical book stores and virtual ones.

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We don't just offer remarkable services but also an exceptional partnership experience for all projects.

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RoyalBookWriters Ensures Client Satisfaction Throughout Every Project's Timeline

“I've always had problems with consistency while writing my books. But the amazing writers at RoyalBookWriters did me a solid by thoroughly editing my book. They even explained their process and gave me tips on improving my own writing. 10/10 for the RoyalBookWriters team.”

- Jimmy Wattson

“I had severe writer's block and just couldn't figure out how to finish what I'd started. But these guys had a lot of amazingly creative ideas to go forward, and I couldn't believe just how amazing my book came out. Would definitely recommend RoyalBookWriters to all struggling writers.”

- Eleanor Grey

“Great job! Can't thank you guys more. My branding was completely off, but the RoyalBookWriters team helped build my reputation by getting me tons of social media followers and an amazing web design for my writing brand. Thanks again to the entire RoyalBookWriters team. Well done!”

- Stacy Chang

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